Why Wine Snobs Are Faking It

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Title: Why Wine Snobs Are Faking It

Duration: 4:17

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Added on: July 16th, 2017

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  1. By: xtraa

    The test was faulty, truth is somewhere in between.

  2. The guy at :07 looks familiar…anybody know where he's from?

  3. By: A Laly

    And being a sommelier is a 6 figure gig.

  4. How to be gullible:

    Read More

  5. I think the tasters would have been influenced by the aspects of what they were drinking

  6. The wine tester is that guy who pops up in all tv show

  7. I mean, have you even TASTED wine? Its fucking gross. How anyone can drink alcohol of ANY fucking type is a mystery to me.

  8. that's also true for movies,
    one can't just depend on the "professional reviews"
    it depends on individual preference

  9. By: Sean Guy

    Wine tastes like shit. ALL OF IT

  10. John Michael Higgins… The Man… The Myth… The Legend…

  11. Is it weird that i got an ad for this before watching this video?

  12. If it's not sweet it's dry, that is what I assume, or at least it tastes if you have cottonmouth then it's dry

  13. Just got a trailer for adam ruins everything on an adam ruins everything video

  14. By: Gaphid

    It's interesting that people hold wine to such high standards and here in portugal half the people make their own wine

  15. I'd love a good Merlot right now.

  16. One indisputable Wine Fact: really bad wine that doesn't taste bad you can recognize after drinking more than one glass. If you feel slightly dizzy and motorically challenged, it's a bad wine. The up side: getting drunk only costs two glasses. And the hangover will be… galactic. A second Wine Fact which follows logically from the first one: if you can drink multiple glasses without the alcohol affecting you much then it's a Good Wine.

  17. As a proud Aussie, the best wine is the cheap shit from aldi that comes in a bag.

  18. Who needs wine when you have crack

  19. An ad for adam. ruins everything came on before the episode oop

  20. By: Lelo ID

    I honestly love this show so much

  21. I disagree bc I have a sommelier (wine expert) as my dad and literally 2 days ago he guessed the 3 varietals mixed to make a wine when he had never seen the bottle. There are over 100 varietals and he was able to discern the exact 3 that composed the wine. I think this video is not entirely honest. Just to become an advanced sommelier or a master sommelier you need to do a blind taste test and pass with almost 80% accuracy to country varietal and year. I don't see how you could "wine prank" that

  22. The wine test is actually extremely flawed. It works the same way the placebo effect works. They believe it will taste better or worse and so it does. Also one study is not nearly enough evidence for such a bold claim that they’re all faking it.

  23. I prefer grape juice

  24. College humor: Adam Ruins Everything
    Buzzfeed: Quinta Improves Nothing

  25. sponsored by Amstel beer

  26. Jeez, I hate the bourgeoisie.

  27. By: DrewDaBom

    When I can buy wine, I will totally try the wine test with my parents


  29. What I learned: Drink what you want, but not necessarily when you want.

  30. I don't care about price or hints of cherry aftertones, I just want whatever wine has the most antioxidants!

  31. I always knew these people were full of crap. XD

  32. By: Yuno

    I would rather go get a $12 bottle of moscato.

  33. "yeah this is clearly wet".

  34. Mmmm yes
    By the bitter taste of this wine I can tell it was expertly stopped by an 80 year old italian man who hasn't washed in months
    And by the chunky texture I can tell he had several corns on his big toe

  35. vine tastes like shit

  36. I just pay 5.99 of wine at Walmart I'm good with that

  37. Adam obviously has never tried boxed wine before….

  38. By: AL3X

    My mom has the same the same wine that he was drinking.


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