North Korean Photoshop Tutorial

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Title: North Korean Photoshop Tutorial

Duration: 2:58

Submited by: siteadmin

Category: collegehumor

Added on: October 12th, 2017

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  1. Otto.

  2. By: Rudster14

    5 years later…

  3. I'm actually using a computer in North Korea right now so as long as a guard doesn't kill me with this keyboard I'll be a okaabgugvagvwgvjwhbeinjeinjienjonjmojenjoebyhiuwiubwhb why w he we hggwgu sugar a Ugandan guaug wwuh waugwbhwbhuwuinwuniwnuiwnuienuie

  4. The background sounded like he was being forced to do this

  5. This is a lot more sinister now…

  6. By: Deloon

    you hear sounds from a distance

    “It’s the best day EVERRRRR”

  7. Excelente.

  8. By: Naomi

    Comment removed by North Korean government.

  9. Coming to save you you are at 40.46

  10. So many people suffer there it's not funky neither are the background sounds 🙁

  11. By: CepFins

    this is Trump at the ingauruation

  12. is everyone just going to ignore the fact that the soldier isn’t speaking korean

  13. hi

  14. hi

  15. hi

  16. By: YanLongnu


  17. By: Ken Tan

    Is he still alive?

  18. By: fyz fz

    40,46 are actually Azerbaijan

  19. By: ZE BAFF

    College humor guessed that someone would die in North Korea, you know, the american dude. Crazy man.

  20. plz the app

  21. … i guess you're ok. … that wasn't funny, it's almost wartime.

  22. By: Ankay

    comment was requested to be removed by the north korean government uhh uhh i mean the best korean government

  23. i saw an adam ruins everything ad before watching this.

  24. If they see this, there gonna missle us

  25. sorry, sorry! false korea!

  26. yeah those coodrinates end up in azerbaijan

  27. By: Dee Mash

    The Korean accent was pathetic though. It wouldn't have been hard to find a Korean in America though, would it?

  28. By: TrueTDH

    after YouTube is allowed in North Korean:

    North Korean government: srsly what is this??? WTFISH!!

  29. That ending xD


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