It’s Technically a Meal

It’s healthier to cook for yourself! Right?

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Zac Oyama

Director – Ryan Anthony Martin
Writer – Zac Oyama
Producer – Shane Crown
Production Coordinator – Francesca McLafferty
Director of…


Title: It’s Technically a Meal

Duration: 4:9

Submited by: siteadmin

Category: collegehumor

Added on: October 17th, 2017

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  1. Now I'm hungry

  2. My kitchen looks the same

  3. You can see the hole they poked in the egg

  4. hey omg turkey this vidtruly looks like heaviqy !hotcommercial x‑d

  5. Did any body else notice that he did no use the parmesan?

  6. Is it just me, or is that NOT what avocados are supposed to look like?

  7. By: volikoto

    One of the best sketch ever! Do more of this!

  8. By: Tattiana

    This is me at home 😂😂😱😱

  9. Honestly my favorite video ever

  10. By: Ron So

    Just order delivery

  11. The noodle part hurt my soul

  12. And meanwhile I’m 10 making Alfredo… why is everybody so bad?

  13. Chop up a few olives, mix all sauces together, pour everything onto the spaghetti and fry up some frico chips using the parmesan. There, now I've grossed myself out.

  14. Tech . nicly

  15. Don't forget the olive!

  16. By: Zman Dyce

    Nobody's going to talk about how Zachs microwave opens vertically

  17. You might as well go to a fast food place if you're this desperate

  18. If any of your “ingredient” were edible you could have mixed and boiled the soup, hot sauce and tomato sauce together to make “good” sauce. Ya could of made an omelette and dice some avocado on THAT S**T. Then heat up the spaghetti and put that sauce on and BAM FOOD!

  19. By: John Doe

    "This is a literal rock?"


  20. Bowl full of fruit and eggs in the fridge and those olives would make a fine meal

  21. What would Gordon Ramsey say

  22. we need more episodes, i'm poor and hungry


  24. By: taomi

    simple solution, buy rice and a rice cooker. omurice is just rice+ketchup n if you would like meat as well. Good with eggs. Or just rice??????

  25. His uncertainty kills me 😂

  26. Sequel to Sad Boy House

  27. This could be a channel on its' own….

  28. Show this to Gordon Ramsey

  29. By: Bailey B

    I am seriously in with love Zac 💕

  30. weak arms are heavy

  31. He had a pineapple in the background

  32. By: dacary

    I want that apron so bad!!!

  33. I like how he used a plastic container in the microwave

  34. Please make this a series


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