“Lost Sessions” Record 69

A strange male subject who farts out of his mouth due to an unusual operation is questioned.


Title: “Lost Sessions” Record 69

Duration: 2:35

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Category: BartBaKer

Added on: August 27th, 2017

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  1. Hello world

  2. By: Meme Kid

    53rd comment
    and 244th like

  3. By: Gadget

    The most unpopular video by Bart Baker…

  4. Hello

  5. Bart Bakers least viewed.

  6. By: Wadakaa

    This is the least viewed video. With only 52 comments (counting mine) at this time.

  7. The least popular vid u made lol

  8. least viewed of bart baker

  9. Bart baker only getting 11k views!

  10. 90% of the people on here wanted to see the comments of barts least viewed vid not to see the actual vid

  11. The most unpopular video.

  12. The least viewed vid on the channel XD

  13. Bart baker I totally love your videos they're so funny Especially Mikey Cyrus that video was so funny the one with puke www but funny oh and hello Kitty one it was. Hilarious you're my favorite YouTuber I love your videos but I'm only nine so I have to keep way from my parents Aka my real name is Destiny

  14. Hi.

  15. I'd love to see another video like this or a phucked phrase of the week, but knowing that bart is partnered with maker studios, I doubt it is going to happen. D:

  16. Bart's least favorite video.

  17. 5 years ago…. omg lol 

  18. This a stupid video bit a like you Bart

  19. Least popular video

  20. Bart ur so hottt

  21. Bart you have the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen *__*

  22. That guy with the glasses looks like I think Curly from The Three Stooges. I'm not clear on all the names still.


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